I thought's by the pool

The winds are getting warmer by the day, summer is fast approaching...I rented a beach house close to the sea obviously. As I'm writing this I am sitting by the pool, thinking about what I would like to happen this summer.. My second life has changed so much since I first started almost 8 years ago. 8 years ago I found second life after watching a documentary.... And it changed my life forever. The first 3 days of my second life I didn't go to sleep. it's kind of funny thinking back to that now:)
It is also sad to think about that time in the way....I had so many friends... friends that I don't have in my second life anymore. I even had a mom and a dad....I lost touch with them over many years... and when we finally reconnected it felt like I was intruding on their lives, it felt like they had moved on...Even talking about it now brings tears to my eyes...They are truly the ones I should thank because they made the person I am today. Many people have been coming and going thr…

Sn@tch the sexiness!

Hi everyone!  I'm back again, yet with another post featuring snatch!   She just released this beautiful kimono jacket that is texture changing. how beautiful is this!? The textures are impeccable and the patterns are so beautiful and sensual.
  If you hadn't noticed by now I am a bigger girl so clothing will not look the same on me as they do in the pictures of the ads of course, Just like real life.To be honest, when it comes to snatch clothing there is not one single thing that have looked hideous on me so far.
If you look at me from the side you will see the lower part of the is stretched but that's because my belly size is at 20 instead of the average 0 or 5. I did put my belly size 0 and it looked fine but I'm not willing change my shape so this works fine for me.
The  Kimono jacket Comes from the following sizes:
and it is 250 lindens!
My head is Sofia Catwa Bento head with my own shape an browshape My skin is [theSkinnery] Iris (Catwa Applier) toffee  for the …


"Can you hear him whistling, a little tune? It's about him trying to catch the moon"
Skin:  ItGirls - Catwa Skin Applier - Brigit Summer My own Shape and brow shape
Head: CATWA HEAD Sofia v3.0
Makeup:  itGirls - Catwa - Heavy Metal & Reflective Lips itGirls - Catwa - Heavy Metal & Reflective Eyeshadow
Hair: Stealthic - Lithe (Browns) /Tessa

Sn@tch Me up!

Hi everyone!  it seems that I am spitting out these blog posts a little bit more often now... and I think it's because Of my recent upgrade from the logo head to the Catwa Bento head Sofia. I never thought switching heads would make such a big difference in my second life, I am having a blast! Putting on different makeups everyday And putting on outfits that I haven't used in along time or I just bought.
Today I wanna talk to you guys about a store that I have recently come across called Sn@tch It's a store with alternative clothing and accessories including hair and makeup.
When I first step foot into the store I was literally saying to myself "this is totally me!"  and let's not forget the hair!!  She has so many cool hairstyles that I was having a really hard time picking my favourite, But I have to say this her that I'm wearing now has to be my top 3 -:::Sn@tch Hunter Hair (OMBRES-L)::: is what its called, And obviously I'm wearing the ombre pack…


OK guys can we just take a moment here....And take in the most beautiful thing that will come across your screen to date! I am obsessed with this skin I mean totally obsessed!! This is without a doubt the most well executed skins I have ever seen in second life.
It is from Le'tre And its called Ana in The Tone Golden  (for Catwa heads) With the Base skin i am also wearing - L'Etre - Fierce Eyebrows, I felt that the eyebrows that the skin came with was a little too sparse for me.
The shadows and the detail of the skin is not enhanced by photoshop in any shape or form. I'm just using my own windlight settings and my graphics to get this effect.
I don't change my graphics when I am taking photos these are my everyday graphics and the only graphics I use.
Your graphics settings might make the skin look very different from mine and it depends on how high you can run second life graphics and what settings you can use for your computer. What I always try to do is make a wind…

He is not Afraid to say that he loves me

This is my friend  Alekander, Who Is my best friend and who i love with all my heart. we met at a place called boyeurism... Its a male strippclub in second life with mostly gay or bisexual men of course.
boyeurism Is not new to me, I started going there I think it was 2 years ago... but then I stopped....I don't really know why to be honest I just did .
Then by accident I saw the landmark so I headed on over there and boy am  I glad I did!
In all of my years in second life I can honestly say I have never had this much fun before! I have become the ultimate queen of the dance floor in a very short time:)
And now when I walk in to boyeurism.... I AM THE QUEEN (at least i want to think of myself as that)
Moving on to Alekander. Right of the bat he made me feel special...I think his face when he saw me looked a little bet like this Of course he made me feel special I mean he works as a stripper, but I felt connected on a higher
 Ever since that day we have been inseparable! W…

#7 A new and Exciting adventure is about to start For me

Hi everyone I'm just going to do a really quick post I'm still working on the erotica so it's coming along, I am hopefully done soon . But this post is about something entirely different, Something very exciting and something I haven't done in along time in second life due to the fact that I haven't found the right person to do it with.  It just hasn't right...
A week ago I found out that i might be pregnant, yesterday I got the definite answer By taking a pregnancy test. Being pregnant in second life is not something new to me...For those who don't know me that well I have to kids already and no the father's are not in their lives because Well I guess the easy answer is that they chose not to be, but also Because I choose not to be treated like trash I mean a guy can say "oh I wanna get you pregnant" but then when they do... they don't care anymore.
I am not asking for the perfect family life here in second life... What I am asking howev…